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Huiheng Medical is a Chinese private enterprise listed in NASDAQ: HHGM.OB, in USA. It specializes in R&D, production, sales and services of large-scale radiotherapy equipment. It has independently developed Stereotactic Gamma-ray radiation treatment system successfully, used for head, body, and whole-body treatment successively. Its products have been granted with SFDA certification. Application of its products core technology for various patents globally is underway.

Huiheng Medical is mainly made up of Tibet Changdou Huiheng Development Co., Ltd. and its 3 subsidiary holding companies -- Shenzhen Hyper Technology Co., Ltd. (Hyper Co. for short below), Wuhan Kangqiao Medical New Technology Co., Ltd. (Kangqiao Co. for short below), and Beijing Yuankangbeite Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd. (Yuankang Co. for short below)

Hyper Co. was established in 2001, which is a company specializing in production of Gamma Knifes, Hyper Co has brought out the first Whole-body Stereotactic Gamma-ray Treatment System (Super Gamma System -- SGS) in the world, used for head and body tumors treatment. Kangqiao Co. was established in 2002, specializing in Top Gamma-ray Treatment System and Body Gamma-ray Treatment System. Yuankang Co. was established in Dec. 2004, specializing in dosimetry inspection of Gamma ray radiotherapy devices, installation and replacement of new or old Cobalt 60 sources in Gamma ray radiotherapy device. Among them, Hyper Co. and Kangqiao Co. have successively been listed as Hi-tech enterprises by local governments.

Huiheng Medical has been equipped with certain brand advantages in China's radiotherapy industry for tumors, and with completel sales network covering all China. Huiheng Medical has become one of the main suppliers of Gamma-ray treatment equipments in China. Its good industrial position and excellent cooperate culture have attracted many top-notch technical talents to join in, including experienced experts in the field. Also it owns a post-doctoral workstation. At the same time, it has formed strategic cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutes in China. Huiheng Medical, aimed at precision radiotherapy field, keeps on striving ahead and improving R&D. Currently, it has developed successfully automatic multi-leaf collimators, linear accelerators, and so on, which together with the core business, facilitate improved tumors treatment solutions. Huiheng Medical has set out to enter the overseas market step by step, backed by its advantages in R&D, production, talents and etc.

Marketing   Situation

Domestic Market:

Huiheng Medical products have been put into clinical applications in more than 30 reputed hospitals in China. It offers good services featured with excellent performance and treatment effects. Huiheng Medical keeps on offering quality products and quality services to users, enjoying a very high reputation in the industry and a good brand image.

Overseas market:

Huiheng Medical products have been in favor of overseas market in recent years. Currently, it has established cooperation partnership relations with many governments and civil organizations of various countries in Europe, South America, South East Asia, and etc. We believe in the above-mentioned areas, many products of Huiheng Medical would be put into clinical applications very soon, making contribution to the health of the local people there.

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