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Technical Support
  • Professional training and on-site guidance are available.
    All-inclusive professional trainings are offered covering theory and operation: Industry-related theory trainings, equipment use and maintenance trainings, treatment planning trainings, clinical and inspection trainings.
    Experienced experts and technicians are available in hospitals for on-site guidance of treatment.

  • Hot-lines service and on-line service:
    Provide Users Service Hot Lines, to help users shoot the problems with equipment.
    Response within 24 hours after receiving users' complaints is promised.

  • Warranty service
    One year's warranty service is guaranteed to users.

  • Lifelong maintenance service
    Provide lifelong maintenance service to users besides the warranty service, including back-up accessories.

  • Quality assurance system during treatment process
    Provide special measurement appliances (not including measurement instruments) needed in regular self-inspection during treatment to users.
    Tour inspection service on the dosimetry performance and equipment precision are undertaken once a year as promised.

  • Upgrade service
    Users can have the treatment planning software upgrade service for free once.
    Lifelong upgrade service is available.

  • Academic exchanges
    to organize academic exchanges between related experts and users, and set up network platform for academic exchanges
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